Bring Him Home

Bring Him Home – The Movie

May 25, 2016

In the year 2000 an anonymous testimony was published in the Above Rubies Magazine. It was read by women all over the world.  It was the story of a young wife whose husband abandoned her over thirty times. He spent some of that time in prison.  For many years she raised their children alone, always praying for her wayward husband to come home, to be restored to his place as head of their family.

She set a place for him at the table, in faith, each evening.  The children were taught to love and respect him. To respect his place at the table and in the home, whether or not he was home. . . After 12 years, incredible faith, and many prayers, her husband came home and was saved. She received her miracle.

In the year 2013, Above Rubies re-published her testimony. This time, the author’s name was given: Connie Hultquist. 

Connie has also been a mentor to many wives and mothers over the years, teaching them to love their homes, husbands, and children. She is now a widow, but continues to teach and encourage with the use of the internet.

A Christian film company, Pro-Family Films, has taken her story and is in the process of developing it into a movie, calling it “Bring Him Home.”

To learn more about the film project and how you can help make it a reality, please visit

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